Why I Should Join My State Organization

Why I Should Join My State Organization

The majority of Reflexologists concerns are best addressed within their own state where laws are enacted which impact their education and business. Serving the many needs of members within the state is central to the strength and success of state associations. Why a state organization is important can be divided in roughly four different groups:

  1. To me Personally
  2. To my Business
  3. To the Field
  4. To the Public

Why a strong state association is important to me PERSONALLY

  • Personal & professional growth, support & camaraderie
  • Networking/referrals/job opportunities
  • Exchange knowledge & ideas
  • Personal validation and support
  • Creditability, self esteem
  • Re-enforces commitment(s) to Reflexology
  • Social needs
  • Sharing of Testimonials
  • Exchanging sessions with other Reflexologists
  • Help with health fairs and other public events
  • Increased income through referrals
  • Increased promotion of public awareness of reflexology through joint efforts
  • Continuing education opportunities (various types/levels) 

Why a strong state association is important to my BUSINESS

  • Business help ( how to strut a business)
  • Business ideas /Marketing.
  • Legislation- the right to practice legally is controlled within each state requiring legislative vigilance to protect the right to practice
  • Other legal issues which may impact the right to practice (other disciplines scopes of practice)
  • Networking/referrals/job opportunities.
  • Public relations and promotional and awareness of Reflexology through World Reflexology Week and other events in local newspaper and press releases.
  • Advertising
  • Speakers bureau
  • Opportunities to work at health Fairs and other Public events.
  • RefeITal service – to other reflexologists within the state
  • Education and continuing education (various types/ Levels)
Lila Mueller